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What We Do

We’re experts in simple to complex website and mobile apps development within a normal or tight deadline. We provide enhancement systems, maintenance, UI/UX design, audit, technology migration, digital marketing, onsite training and even hiring help services.

WEBSITE APPSWe build various types of websites for public or internal usage from static web, dynamic web, single page apps (SPA), multi-page apps (MPA), portal web apps, rich internet apps (RIA), progressive web apps (PWA), content management system, e-commerce web apps and others.Read More
MOBILE APPSWe build native mobile apps, hybrid mobile apps, and website mobile apps for public or internal usage.Read More
DIGITAL MARKETINGRevamp your business by maximizing digital power with search engine optimization (SEO), SEO Audit, social media marketing, email marketing, pay per click service (PPC).Read More
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We are proficient in integrating many up-to-date programming languages and technologies that are suitable for your project.


Our engineers create exquisite layouts that users could see and interact within applications. We maintain application’s aesthetic and functional as well as optimizing application’s design on various platforms. We also develop features to enhance user experience


Our Engineers build entire mobile application life-cycles along with API. Our Engineers also write unit and UI tests to identify malfunctions. Ensuring responsiveness of applications and cross-platform optimization for mobile phones.


Our Engineers handle software architecture, scripting and compiling many frameworks, data access and business logic, database administration, data transformation and manipulation, API endpoints, queries, data interchange schema between server and users, etc. We improve servers, server-side applications, and databases. We also ensure code structures are high performance and responsive to support the frontend.


Integrate your website & mobile applications with user-friendly and popular service platforms such as payment gateways, message service, social media, email, and others.


We’re unstoppable to produce the finest apps with excellent services, happy users, and reputation as a trusted and dependable partner. We know what’s the best for you. Choose the service that suits you most.


  • Payment with monthly or yearly rate .
  • Maintain and control your applications server, database, bugs and other related matters.


  • Payment with monthly rate.
  • Flexible to add new requirements or tasks without creating additional agreements.


  • Payment with terms.
  • Fixed cost & fixed timeline project.
  • Additional features or requirements can be added in the middle of development by creating new additional agreements.

Case Studies

We've worked with many wonderful companies and built awesome ideas into inspired projects. Check out these projects we've worked on!

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DotERB is a software company from Bandung, Indonesia where all hard working, competent, and multi-talented engineers are eager to realize all your ideas with our excellent skills. Established in 2013, we are proficient in integrating many up-to-date programming languages and technologies that are suitable for your project.

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We help each other and work together passionately to develop applications. We are open and trust each other with great communication. Doterb is the most comfortable second home, full of blessed and positive vibes to create real creativity and productivity.

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Our Clients

We’ve worked with more than 30 companies and organizations such as Travelsquare, Nutrifood, Tri West Java, UNJANI, Berca Hardayaperkasa, The Lodge Maribaya, Gadai Cahaya Dana Abadi, Sejasa, RecomN, HarukaEDU, PT Ultra Mandiri Telekomunikasi, Predicted Property, Eresto, Areon, Switchup, JMK, etc.

Baitulmaal Munzalan Indonesia
PT. Jakaria Makmur Komputindo
PT. Teodore Pan Garmindo
PT. Nutrifood
PT. Gadai Cahaya Dana Abadi
PT. Hutchison 3 Indonesia (West Java)
PT. Prodotti Indonesia
The Lodge Maribaya
PT. Travel Square Global

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    Wisma Monex 9th floor, Jl. Asia Afrika No. 133-137, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, 40112


    Jalan Batu Indah XI No.34, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, 40266

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